Our products

Richland Brands

Richland Brands boasts a smart product range of quality, variety and value. We work with manufacturing partners from around the world with proven experience in sourcing superior leaf to produce the highest quality tobacco products; all at a competitive price.

  • Quality European tobacco

  • Affordable price points

  • Made for the Australian market

Our range

We offer a range of tobacco products to suit a broad consumer market; from value for money to premium European blends.

Our unique product range consists of:

  • Cigarettes

  • Rolling Tobacco

  • Cigars

At Richland Brands, our principle priority is to offer a unique consumer smoking experience through products of exceptional quality and freshness at a competitive price.

Our growing portfolio offers diversity in origin, flavour and price. Some of the products you can find are organic and no additive varieties, fire cured rolling tobacco, exotic flavour tastes and our classic Virginia blend synonymous with the Australian consumer.

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