Our story

Richland Brands

Established in 2007, Richland Brands is now a significant contributor to the Australian Tobacco Industry. Our primary focus is delivering outstanding products and service to Australian retailers.

With 400% growth in 4 years, Richland Brands is the fastest growing tobacco company in Australia.

Our ownership group comprises both Australian and Singapore based shareholders, leveraging a wealth of business and Industry experience, and we operate nationally, with representatives in most States and Territories.

We believe in embracing more traditional values, like the ‘good old days’ when things were simpler. We provide quality product for retailers with no complex requirements.

  • 300+ years industry experience

  • Australian based decision makers

  • We do things the Richland Way

Our team

Our team reflects Richland Brands’ commitment to professionalism, passion and service. With years of Australian market and industry experience under our belt, we are experts in local conditions, product and retailer needs so you can rest assured we are aware of how to help your business succeed.

  • James Murray

    James Murray

    Chief Executive Officer

    James leads the team at Richland Brands with passion & pride.  James has vast experience in the tobacco industry and has worked both…