Our story

Richland Brands

Established in 2007, Richland Brands is now a significant contributor to the Australian Tobacco Industry. Our primary focus is delivering outstanding products and service to Australian retailers.

With 400% growth in 4 years, Richland Brands is the fastest growing tobacco company in Australia.

Our ownership group comprises both Australian and Singapore based shareholders, leveraging a wealth of business and Industry experience, and we operate nationally, with representatives in most States and Territories.

We believe in embracing more traditional values, like the ‘good old days’ when things were simpler. We provide quality product for retailers with no complex requirements.

  • 300+ years industry experience

  • Australian based decision makers

  • We do things the Richland Way

Our team

Our team reflects Richland Brands’ commitment to professionalism, passion and service. With years of Australian market and industry experience under our belt, we are experts in local conditions, product and retailer needs so you can rest assured we are aware of how to help your business succeed.

  • James Murray

    James Murray

    Chief Executive Officer

    James leads the team at Richland Brands with passion & pride.  James has vast experience in the tobacco industry and has worked both…

  • Edwin Cheung

    Company Accountant

    Edwin is the longest serving Richland Brands' employee and has seen the business develop from a small opportunistic enterprise into an organised…

  • Kinjal Jani

    Supply Chain Manager

    Kinjal has extensive experience in dealing with logisitics and manages all our imports from Europe and Singapore with a clear focus on ensuring…

  • Robert Josevski

    National Account Manager

    Robert comes with vast experience of the tobacco industry and leverages this when assessing the needs and agility required to allow Richland…

  • Anthony Nardella

    Customer Development Representative

    Anthony is based in Melbourne and is known for his engaging style and willingness to support his customers in every possible way.  His upbeat…

  • Apiram Balathayalan

    Marketing & Finance Analyst

    Api is new to the industry but has an outstanding analytical brain and is key in assessing and then developing the commercial considerations that…

  • Beverley Mooney

    Accounts Receivable & Credit Control Officer

    Beverley plays a key role in ensuring that the credit we afford to our customer base is managed effectively and efficiently. Beverley’s role is a…

  • Charles (Chuck) Lamb

    Customer Care Representative

    Chuck brings an energy and a results driven attitude to a key part of our business, being Customer Sales.  Chuck’s enthusiasm is contagious and…

  • Donna Bubis

    Customer Development Representative

    Donna is based in Melbourne and applies herself to her role with an enthusiastic, results orientated manner. Donna is always willing to listen to…

  • Eddie Claxton

    Business Development Manager

    Eddie has extensive tobacco experience and plays an important role in delivering outstanding service to our customers and internal stakeholders in…

  • Mayuran Thangavel

    Key Account Executive

    Mayuran has a long history with the Richland Brands' business who has worked both in the field and has been a part of our Account Management team…

  • Michelle Rahbar

    Assistant Accountant

    Michelle plays an important support role to our Finance team and does so with a minimum of fuss.  Michelle’s calmness in what can sometimes be a…

  • Natasha Villar-Reba

    Customer Care Representative

    Natasha came to the Richland Brands' business from a retail environment and has been a valuable addition to our Customer Sales team.  Natasha’s…

  • Phil Bell

    Queensland Business Development Manager

    Phil operates in Queensland for Richland Brands and has extensive industry experience and knows the retail landscape better than most.  Phil’s…

  • Rhonda Valentine

    Business Co-ordinator

    Rhonda provides support to the business in administrative functions and she ensures that our office operations run smoothly.  Rhonda has also been…

  • Rhurlee Mendonca

    Sales & Finance Support Officer

    Rhurlee is another long term Richland Brands' employee and has vast experience in Customer Service and this is reflected through her outstanding…

  • Rinku Patel

    Logisitics Administrator

    Rinku plays a very valuable role in ensuring our Supply Chain is effective and efficient, internally and externally and is always willing to play…

  • Wayne Cashmore

    Customer Development Representative

    Wayne operates in Queensland and always represents the business with the best interest of all parties at heart.  Wayne is an enthusiastic member…

  • Alan Lamberton

    Customer Development Representative

    Alan comes to us with extensive experience in the tobacco industry, specifically in NSW.

    Alan has a strong passion for the industry and…